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Criminal Defense​

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Ineffective Assistance of Counsel

Personal Injury​

Civil Rights

Civil Litigation

Legal Malpractice

Public Records

The Dedicated Attention You Need and Deserve


At The Levine Law Firm, PLLC, our attorneys and staff are committed to providing high-quality representation in matters related to criminal defense, civil litigation, appeals, personal injury, public records litigation, legal malpractice, employment law, and contract law. We serve clients throughout the State of Washington, in local, state, and federal courts.


Our Approach. From the beginning of the attorney-client relationship, the attorney and staff establish open lines of communication with the client which remain in place throughout the representation. You come to us because of our knowledge of the law. But you know the facts and circumstances which gave rise to your legal concerns. We recognize that asking the right questions of the client and truly listening to the clients' answers, throughout the representation, is one of the most basic and valuable components in planning a legal strategy which will achieve our client's goals in a cost-effective manner. You deserve nothing less when you entrust an attorney to handle important and often complicated issues relating to your freedom, your health, your career, and your business interests.


Our Advantage. We are a small firm and proud of it. The cookie-cutter or assembly line approach to the practice of law is NOT our hallmark. We give our clients individualized attention and intelligent, tough and compassionate representation. As a small firm, we can afford to provide high-quality legal services to clients who might pay more and yet receive less attention as clients of larger firms that are geared toward serving larger corporate clients.

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